At North Village Group, we understand the challenges property boards, managers, and owners face. Many times, the solution to a project is hard to find. In some cases, properties bring in large numbers of contractors to offer their solution or bid. Most of the time, these blanket bids are all different, and have such a large cost variance, it is impossible to make a choice. Even when a choice is made, cost over runs and schedule delays turn the project into a nightmare. Don't gamble with your projects financial stability. 

North Village Group's consulting process specializes in offering in-depth analysis of a project and presenting multiple solutions. Our consulting process works with the client to develop a singular solution, or scope, from the solutions provided giving a solid base to proceed through the development and finally the construction phases of a project. 

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The consulting process process North Village Group uses is designed to identify a budget in the early stages. The experience North Village Group has in the construction and bidding field allows easy budget definition early in the consulting process. We specialize in developing projects to a firm budget, not trying to budget for a project after it is developed.

Contact North Village Group today to discuss the needs of your property and let our team of experts show you how our professional consulting process will save you time, headaches, and money.